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Tips for Learning a New Language During Covid19

We are faced with serious challenges these days as the world’s pandemic is keeping us hidden in our homes. And while we do our best to protect ourselves and our loved ones, we certainly can make the most of the current circumstances.

One thing that is a serious advantage of the newly arisen situation is the abundance of free time we enjoy. For some of us, it might be the first time in a long while that we are able to finally devote time to gain new skills. Have you been wanting to sharpen up on your foreign language skills for a long time, or finally start learning a new language? Well, the coronavirus lockdown offers the perfect opportunity.

The best language learning options come in digital form. There are a lot of online language learning platforms available that offer customized experiences for best results. Among them, aiycsm offers one-on-one tutoring which might be the best choice. As we all lack socialization and thereby battle to stay sane, communication can be a serious advantage for the learning process. Even virtual communication brings serious advantages for our mood and happiness and when applied in the learning process, one will benefit fast learning and better results. 

The one obstacle that always postpones the language learning initiative, the lack of time, is eliminated now. If you still have some excuses and problems with organizing, here are several tips on how to start learning a new language and achieve proficiency for the duration of the lockdown. 

Choose the Most Suitable Learning Source

The internet is busting with language learning opportunities; from various apps, language learning platforms, educational videos, free downloadable books to youtube videos and multimedia. Therefore, it is easier than ever to find what best suits your needs.

Language learning platforms are proven to be very effective. Most of them offer systemized information which can be great for beginners. As a user, you can take advantage of free trials in order to find the most suitable one for you. There are learning platforms that offer downloadable materials as PDF, others feature tutorial videos and of course there are one-on-one tutoring sessions. When learning with language learning platforms, quizzes and tests are available to assess your knowledge before moving forward to the upper level. 

Create a Schedule for Your Learning Sessions

Whatever learning source you choose for the language learning process, it is of utmost importance to create a solid daily schedule. Procrastination is one thing we all tend to do especially when we have a lot of free time. To avoid postponing, lack of concentration and motivation to learn and work, you should create a solid schedule as you would do on regular days.

It is advisable to start studying at the same time each day. Organize your time so as you have two or more shorter sessions with short breaks in-between. This way you’ll enjoy better concentration, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the break and avoid procrastination with the excuse of having enough time to do it later and actually never doing it. 

Study in Pair or in Group

Not only that we lack socialization but the learning process is more effective in pair or group. Therefore, either you connect with your partner, a friend, or a group of friends virtually or you choose to study with your partner or family that you live with, the learning process will be way more fun and more efficient. 

Studying within a group brings competition which is very beneficial for motivation and fast learning. Moreover, the group will set a higher sense of responsibility towards the subject, rather than looking at it as a hobby. At the end of the day, it is stimulating spending quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, it’s greatly satisfying starting to communicate with them using a foreign language you all learned together. 

Connect and Communicate With Other Learners and Natives

Ah, the perks of social media platforms! We can always use them in the most productive ways. When it comes to learning a foreign language, social networks are the place where you can find a group formed by people learning the same language as you. These groups offer great support and a chance to put your language skills at test. 

By using social media platforms you can also connect with natives. You can always make new friends that will certainly be happy having a foreigner wanting to learn their native language. There is no doubt they will support you and correct your mistakes while you practice your writing skills. 

Learn While Having Fun

It’s scientifically proven that the human brain creates long-term memories while having fun. By learning a new language, you are discovering a whole new part of the internet you haven’t access before. You can always find great movies and music and learn more about the country’s culture. 

We all know from personal experience how easy is to remember the song’s lyrics and movie quotes just because we are entertaining ourselves during the process. Instead of watching the regular shows, find some good TV shows and movies in the foreign language you are trying to master. Start by using subtitles in your native tongue and watch how, slowly, you don’t require subtitles anymore in order to comprehend what is going on on the screen.

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