Aim & Goal

  • As our primary concern is our students, we are devoted to create an environment of learning and develop them through continuous training. We believe in sustainable development of each student in every aspect. ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION covers almost every type of audience. Whether it is a professional seeking to advance his knowledge for improving prospects at work, a student planning a career, a housewife and senior citizen wanting to learn to operate computer or laptop, AIYCSM has something for everyone.

  • AIYCSM runs various study centers in India which is an affiliating and teaching centre which aims to facilitate and promote studies, research and extension of work in emerging areas of higher education in the disciplines of computer Hardware, Software, Networking, Multimedia, English Conversation, Soft Skill Development and Vocational Training Programs etc. Also to achieve excellence in these and related fields and other matters connected there within or incidental there too.

  • In schools, offices, banks, manufacturing concerns, export houses, call centers, advertising world, publishing houses and many more, everywhere they need employees who are computer literates. But when a middle class and poor group of people look at the high lump sum fees structure, many of them change their aim in mind. We basically want to remove that horror from their minds as we are charging a very small amount, affordable by every segment of people. Thus by satisfying the needs of the people coming to us our purpose is successfully achieved.

  • ALL INDIA YOUTH COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION provides free Computer Education to the people who are poor and handicap. This helps them to learn computer without making any fee payment related course.

  • At AIYCSM our focus remains on hands on training and practical as we believe that until you practice on your own you would not be able to understand completely. Computer based techniques (digitization) ensures better understanding of theoretical as well as practical sessions.

  • To keep students interest level intact we conduct various activities during session. These activities include mind map triad review etc. the students just need to follow the instructions given and you will enjoy learning.

  • Developing a sense of social and etiquette helps you become presentable and confident to perform well in the industry.

  • Our trainers work on students communication, pronunciation and English speaking so that students can speak English confidently.

  • Our vision is to provide economic independence to millions of people in India and Overseas. As we believe in Quality, Innovation, self motivation and Equanimity. Your trust is our Asset. We are inspired by our vision, mission, and values. They constantly drive us to manage our relationships with various stakeholders